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  We have a big pecan tree in our garden. When we built our house it was important to us to be able to keep the tree.  I love the yellow leaves towards the end of December. This year on Christmas we had a bit of "golden snow" falling- if I can't have the real stuff at least I get some nice replacement... I haven't seen my parents, my grandmother, my sisters and their families for over a year now. For my kids it's even more than one and a half year. That's a loooong time for us. Hopefully we will be able to fly in summer to Switzerland.  Anyway- back to the pecan tree: There are still nuts on the tree but over the weekend my husband and two of the kids cracked a whole lot of the already fallen nuts and we got some 3.5 kilos of them in the freezer. I grounded some of the nuts- they are ready for baking cookies and cakes. We also add the nuts to bread or eat them as snacks. We love them also roasted- with a pinch of salt. Have a wonderful, healthy 2021!

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