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There are some 126 species of pines in the world. In our kibbutz we have some 4 kinds.
One of them you can see in the picture above. It is an over 60 year old Turkish Pine (pinus brutia). I have lived in the "shadow" of this tree for over 16 years. But one morning in the end of May it was discovered that some roots disconnected and started to lift the ground. The tree already stood not straight for some years but now it stood more askew than usual.
We called the tree cutter/ pruner team and closed off the street.

The head of the crew came alone- all his workers being on holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan. Since the pine was already at an angle leaning towards the street he just fell the tree in this direction and apart from a pomelo tree that suffered broken branches no damage was done. 

The main trunk was taken and we from the garden team were left to deal with the huge amount of branches and clear the street.

Some of the wood I took for our fire stove. Although not the best…

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